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I’m game! This sounds like a fun idea!

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What would it be like if the support, encouraging nature, and community spirit of the blogosphere were ever focused on a single blogger? A few of us have experienced that sort of attention via book launches or other publishing announcements, and still others have achieved that level of awareness through the popular blogfests we host.  In most cases there is a lot of work that goes into generating that amount of interest.  What I’m talking about is being suddenly thrust into the spotlight, without even lifting a finger. What would it feel like to be the recipient of that kind of exposure? Could something like that even be possible? Can the power of the blogosphere be harnessed and directed?
Everyone knows I like to try new and different things, so today I present to you the BLOG BLITZ.  Here’s how I see it working.  Sign up on the linky list below, making…

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7 responses to “Blog Blitz

  1. Me too. Let’s play! It should be fun.


  2. Great idea! I’m in.

    Also, I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! (For more info, see

    • So happy you’re in! Thank you so much, Barb. I am honored to be mentioned in your nomination. My present schedule won’t allow the time to focus on passing on awards for a while. Sure do appreciate the kind thought! 🙂

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