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Overlooked Everyday Miracles

imageEvery day we walk past the miracles. They are everywhere, all around us, but we barely notice because we are inundated by hurries and worries. And each day, these miracles beg us to recognize them and praise their Creator.

“Look!” In their splendid array of shades and allure, flowers call for our attention.

“Observe us,” every animal, bird, and insect cries out, each with its own unique design and character.


“What about us?” the fantastic, mesmerizing undersea world beckons.

“Gaze at us,” the stars speak through their brilliance.

In their silent beauty, the majestic mountains, seascapes, and sky remind us they are worthy of our appreciation.

“We are each ingeniously and resourcefully placed on earth for His, and for your, pleasure,” they seem to say. Continue reading

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Wounds of a True Friend

imageMy friend Karen and I are “scrounging” friends, as she calls it. We both enjoy going to second-hand stores in search of treasures. I often smile inwardly when I get a compliment on something I bought at a thrift store and think, I only paid 99 cents for that.

Our scavenger hunts are therapeutic and fun. As we rummage we talk about things we value such as God, life, purpose, family, cooking, ethics, we offer each other a word of counsel when needed, and we share fun tidbits and our latest epiphanies with each other.

Yesterday, I told her I thought of her as my What-would-you-do-if you-were-me? buddy when I need a word of wisdom. Continue reading


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It’s Much Too Easy to Assume

imageI married into a retail merchant processing business that takes my husband, and sometimes me, to various types of merchants.

Beauty and nail salons, dental and doctor offices, accounting offices, car dealerships, auto shops, from sophisticated restaurants to ma-and-pa places, specialty stores, an antique mall, gas stations, a family owned grocery store, and many more merchants. Thankfully, my husband reviews and passes on providing services to merchants with questionable standards.

Just yesterday, he asked me to pick up some paperwork from an upscale lounge in a very popular area of town. I was grateful to find a parking place only two blocks up. As I turned the busy corner where the lounge is located and opened its etched glass door, I couldn’t help but think that if any of the passersby saw me going in there at one in the afternoon, or come out the door five minutes later, or perhaps even happen to be in the lounge themselves, they would most likely question my sincerity as a believer.

So often we assume we know what someone is doing when we judge from afar, when in fact we have no clue of what really is going on.

Let us not be hasty in judgment lest we are judged the same way. 

imageMatthew 7:1-2

By ~ Elizabeth Yalian 2013-2014 ©

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