We are all very precious in his sight. That makes each of us priceless!

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4 responses to “Contacts

  1. Hi Elizabeth – This is Susie from Stumbling into Grace – It was my pleasure to win and read your book. I have posted a review on blog and over at Amazon. Here is my review and Thank You!

    When you see a homeless person, what is your first thought?
    Drunk – Druggie – Slacker
    Despondent – Hopeless – Worthy of Help
    I won a copy of this book at
    It was my pleasure to read Black Coat with a Silver Lining by Elizabeth Yalian.
    This book reveals the story of Nick, his early life struggles and living on the “streets” for 5 years.
    Can one black coat make a difference in Nick’s life?
    Can one man’s compassion and the kindness of his family change Nick’s situation.
    Can a family with no blood relation help heal a broken past while providing a loving environment?
    Can a long forgotten God become the Father of Orphans?
    Read this thought-provoking novel proving God extends His Grace healing the broken hearted.
    Discuss the Homeless with family and friends – Check out what is Biblical teaching on the poor and needy.
    READ Black Coat with a Silver Lining by Elizabeth Yalian, you won’t be disappointed!

    • Hi Susie,
      You are very welcome, and thank you for your inspiring and descriptive review. I am so happy that you enjoyed it! You have an amazing way with words. If I hadn’t written the book, I would have wanted to read it because of your review! Do you mind if I copy and paste this onto a blog post? Giving you full credit, of course!
      Thank you again,

  2. keijo leppioja

    Hello from sweden with joy to write something about my experiences into pleasing God and joy to be his loved and care over me and my familys blessing in Christ and be sowing my seed in joy today,thanks and bless and pray,keijo sweden

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