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A Matter Of Integrity

imageI walked into a room full of people at the department of motor vehicles last Thursday.  My first instinct was to turn around and walk out, but alas, it was imperative I renewed my driver’s license.  I pulled out a #2 ticket from the Take-A-Number dispenser on the wall, and looked for the “now-serving” display, but couldn’t find it.  I asked a person sitting next to the ticket dispenser what number we were on.

“Eighty-six,” she said, pointing to the display on the wall behind us, “but it’s moving very, very slow!” Several others shook their heads in mournful agreement.

“A few people have already left!” One man said disgustedly.  It was going to be a long, long wait.  I ran to the car, got a book to read, and came back.  I chose one of the three empty chairs on one side of the room, near the customer service counter. Continue reading


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An Award Bouquet

A bouquet of awards!  What an honor!  What a treat!  I am genuinely speechless!  What a great way to celebrate the world of blogging!

I offer a humble and very grateful thanks to Savannah for the lovely thought. Savannah is very passionate about God and helping children. She has a heart that drips with sweetness and the love of God.  She covers many areas of life on her blog, and even offers prayer and/or advice for her visitors. http://savannahhardcastle.wordpress.com/


abcwonderful-team-membership-awardsuper-sweet-blogging-award21w6451 Continue reading


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A Tribute To The Only Father I Have Ever Known

Father’s day has always been a very painful day for me. I felt the emptiness of never having met my father while growing up. I felt an even greater loss, because he didn’t care about me at all. He walked out on my mother when she wouldn’t abort me. This year, I chose to do something different. I chose to honor the father who has always been faithfully with me, with this poem.

My bio-father wanted me aborted,

A heartbreaking fact I have had to bear.

His wishes, however, were thwarted,

By another father who surely did care.

A father with much richer, future plans,

For this embryo, so fragile and forlorn.

He guarded me with his very own hands,

Instead of allowing my flesh to be torn.

Continue reading


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We. Are. Fa.mi.ly. My Brothers, Sisters, and Me.

In 1979, the uplifting song, “We are Family,” became very popular. This song was performed by the four Sledge sisters’ group they called, Sister Sledge. They wanted the world to know they were proud of their family bond as they flew through life “like birds of a feather.” As I write this, the song makes rounds in my head.

I wasn’t a blogger at all when I began blogging, so naturally, I was quite nervous.  I am supposed to put my private thoughts and experiences out there.  What if I get ridiculed or criticized for putting my heart out there and bearing my soul?  This thought resonated through me long after I pressed my first “publish” button.

Well, I am happy to say, I have not had that experience at all.  If anything, I have found it to be a great joy.  Through blogging at WordPress, I have found a family of friends.  I have gotten to know them by reading their posts, and by the warm and loving comments they have left on mine. Some have even called me friend.  And in many ways, we are family, we fly through the blogosphere like birds of a feather.  I am especially touched because I have very little real family, and often feel cheated and left out of the community and togetherness of a family’s inner circle. Continue reading


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Applauding Versatility In The World Of Blogs And Posts

There is one thing about life that never changes,

And that is that things are constantly changing.

Change is everywhere in our natural world.  Each second of each minute of each hour of each day, nothing stays the same.  Over the centuries, the ocean waves have never remained still. They repeat their rhythm with crashing roars on the coastline, evaporating to create rain clouds,  providing varying degrees of tides, and sometimes a very dangerous temper. Even the stillest lake, has life moving within its serene waters. Continue reading


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Spoiled By Friendship

imageRecently, my friend Kristen invited several friends to her house for a “spa-day of blessings and relaxation.”  She provided us with a fantastic quiche I hope to get the recipe for.  I am not a lemon cake fan, but had seconds of the most delicious lemon cake I ever tasted. The pudding filling and real whipped cream topping made it rich and amazing.  And berry infused teas.  Wow! Continue reading


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Beautifying The Blogosphere With Encouragement

beautiful_bloggerawardpurple_revI have been nominated for a Beautiful Blogger Award because a beautiful blogger found beauty in my posts. I must confess, this leaves me feeling very honored and a bit spoiled. These blogger awards uplift and encourage bloggers in a wonderful way.

A million thanks Sheila for this award.  Sheila, I truly admire the way you write your poetry.  Your way to de-stress, as you put it. What you are doing for your mother with Alzheimer’s is priceless.  May your kindness come back to you one-hundred-fold.  Please make sure to visit her blog at http://sheilamariegrimes.com/ Continue reading


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Linking Hearts Through Award Nominations

The Liebster Award is one of many awards available to encourage new bloggers, and to help us discover new blogs to enjoy.  It’s a great way to link hearts with other bloggers!

Many thanks to Rhonda of Dizzy Stir for thinking of me and considering my blog for nomination.  It’s an honor to be thought of.  May your efforts be twice blessed, Rhonda!  I truly enjoy her tongue-in-cheek posts, humor and creativity.  Though I don’t know her, she seems like someone anyone would want as a neighbor.  Please check out her blog Dizzy Stir at:   http://rhondaerb.com/ Continue reading


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Awards, A Bloggers Hug

20130311-162127.jpgTo Bless and Be Blessed. 20130311-162134.jpg

Back in March a lovely lady named Joyce, nominated me, along with several other bloggers, for two blog awards.  The “Best Moment Award” and the “Liebster Blog Award.”  I feel truly honored. Continue reading


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