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Things To Remember About Chronic Pain Sufferers

Chronic pain is the pits! I say this because for over thirty years I have lived with it.

I have back pain from an on the job injury, and neck pain from too many rear-ender whiplashes. The neck injury causes my neck to sometimes feel like I have a vice-grip on it for hours on end or like I have an icepick stuck into my skull near the atlas. I get frequent headaches and at times debilitating migraines that not only rob my days, but take me at least one day to recover from afterwards.

Eight years ago, due to unfortunate circumstances, the back pain became much worse. Since then, my life has been measured, as chronic pain dictates my days.

For example: I can only stand for a very short period of time. Just the act of prolonged standing causes my back to throb. Though walking actually soothes my back.

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Searching For Love In The Right Places

God's Floral Bouquet

God’s Floral Bouquet

Many years ago I found myself in a very dismal place in my life. After an extremely painful childhood and troubled teens, I was weary of searching for love in wrong places. I thought my life would take a turn for the best when I got married. My new husband had a large family. I hoped to finally gain the love and family I ached for my whole life.

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