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From the Father’s Perspective


What do you see when you look in the mirror?

A mess?

A weak person?

A sinful person?

A damaged person?

Do you see an insignificant person?

What do you see when you look in the mirror? Continue reading


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Finally on Kindle!

Elizabeth Yalian


Black Coat with a Silver Lining is finally out on Kindle, which was no easy feat for a technically challenged person like me.

Was that ever a job! It was indeed a trial correctly converting the format from a DOC file to an issue free HTML file for Kindle but it’s done.

That’s one thing about self-publishing. If you have any formatting issues you have to figure them out yourself. For some reason, there were four places that the indentation went wacko. It was all over the place. One short paragraph was entirely indented. I spent several days trying to figure this out. Going back and forth, reworking the indent only to have it do the exact same thing when I downloaded to Kindle.

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May 27, 2014 · 11:29 pm

I’m No Angel- Kylie Bisutti

Just like every little boy longs to be a worrier and rescue the maiden in distress, every little girl longs to be a beautiful princes. For women and young girls, this innate desire traps us into believing we HAVE to be sexy, we HAVE to be physically desirable in order to be wanted and loved. This excellent post by booklovers1, is a book review on a book written by a former Victoria’s Secret model.


RATING: 5 Stars

When I first saw Kylie Bisutti’s biography I’m No Angel I got excited about having the opportunity to read how God changed her life and the inspiration and encouragement she was going to deliver. I also knew that I was going to find out about the modelling world, but what I read really opened my eyes. Beauty really is pain.

I can’t remember how many times I have envied the models I see in magazines. They just all look so pretty that I wanted to be like them. Not in the serious way, just imaginary. But after reading Kylie’s journey and how she made it all the way to Victoria’s Secret, I’m not so sure now. My take on modelling has completely changed. Once a model, your body no longer belongs to yourself, but to the agency you have signed up with. The lack of privacy and…

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Child Abuse is an Autrocity

April was child abuse awareness month. I may be a month late, but I think any month is a good month to raise awareness.

If heinousity was a word, it would apply to child abuse as much as atrocity, and horrific do. Many times children live with such unnecessary pain and heartache, and have no idea abuse is not normal. It may take until the teen years for them to realize that what goes on at home is abuse.

Usually, abusive parents are very careful to keep their young children within their sight and control, and strictly warn the kids they are not to say anything to anyone. Ever. The children grow up burdened with a huge load not ever meant for children to carry. If they do speak up about the abuse they get ostracized by their parents for betraying the family, if not more severely beaten.

As a small child, I have only about two dozen memories of the first ten years of my life, and most of these memories are of some sort of abuse. Once, I feared my mother’s wrath so badly I had to beg my grandmother to interfere. Continue reading

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Sharing a Grandparent’s Legacy

Elizabeth Yalian

image I received the sweetest gift from my daughter. It is a journal called: Grandma, Tell Me Your Story, with 124 prompting questions . The beautiful keepsake is for me to fill out and someday give to my grandson. The journal pages are striped with pink lines to write on. It is filled with thought provoking quotes and images, and has designated spots for pictures: like your first house, your first pet, the teen you, etc.

This precious family heirloom is packed with typical family history questions, and asks about family holidays and recipes. But I was surprised by the more in depth questions like:

Who named you, and how was your name chosen?

What kind of child were you?

What was your neighborhood like?

Did you keep a diary?

Feel like divulging any family secrets? (I won’t tell)

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Live Life Carefully


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May 16, 2014 · 7:41 pm

Book on Store Shelves!

Elizabeth Yalian



I am so excited Sower Christian Supplies and Hastings both placed my book in their Local Authors Section!

Thank you Sower and Hastings!

Thank You God!

imageBlack Coat with a Silver Lining:

A Homeless Man Finds Hope

The Endearing Story of the Redemption of a Devastated Young Life.

Seven year old Nick tragically loses his parents and grandparents, and gets passed around his disinterested family only to end up in foster care. When at eighteen years old he ages out of the system he tries to live a normal life, but because of a series of unfortunate circumstances he finds himself alone and homeless. Nick’s haunting past has left him struggling to believe there is a God, let alone one who cares about him.

Restless with the stressful factors of his desperate existence, Nick steals a car and lands in jail, but hope walks into his life through an unexpected person who…

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Peace Comes Through Faith

image Whoever fears the Lord has a secure fortress,
    and for their children it will be a refuge.

 The fear of the Lord is a fountain of life,
    turning a person from the snares of death.

Whoever is patient has great understanding,
    but one who is quick-tempered displays folly.

A heart at peace gives life to the body,
 but envy rots the bones.

Proverbs 14:26-27  29-30

By ~ Elizabeth Yalian 2014 ©

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You Can’t Go Wrong Pleasing God

imageI was just yesterday talking to a friend. We were discussing a study she was doing and how she suddenly realized that we all wear masks. We try to please others by becoming who and what we think they want us to be. I agreed there is much truth in that. As a former people pleaser, I aimed to please those close to me, often at my expense. Continue reading


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