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Trust God No-matter What

God loves you and has your best interest at heart.

Often, the world makes no sense at all,

that is why it is so important to trust God completely, especially then.

imageBelieve it.

We don’t always see it at the time,

but as time passes and we look back, we can usually say,

“Oh yeah, now I see why that happened!

Thank you God for looking out for me!” Continue reading


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Rejoicing in Jesus’ Birth

imageHow Much Does God Love the World?

God So Loved The World That He Gave…


in the body of a frail newborn named Jesus.

But…why would He do that?

He came in our form so that we could better relate to Him.

So that He could teach us about Himself.

So that He could show us what real love looks like. Continue reading


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Merry Christmas

From the Yalian household to yours, Merry Christmas!

From the Yalian household to yours, Merry Christmas!

Well, the pooches would

not face the camera

and one antler would not cooperate,

but the sentiment of joy and

fun is still the same:

Merry Christmas from our

household to yours.

May the Lord bless you

and keep you,

may His blessings flow

upon you this Christmas!

Just having a little fun with the joy of the season!

By ~ Elizabeth Yalian 2013 ©


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Does God Celebrate Christmas?


Well, seeing how Christmas is a mixture of pagan and Christian traditions, I don’t believe God has a Christmas tree decorated with lights and cherubs.

I don’t believe He adorns the halls of Heaven with twinkling lights and bows of greenery.

I don’t believe the heavenly host rush around their kitchens making millions of divine delights for their annual cookie exchange.

I don’t believe God has shopping requests, or naughty or nice lists. (Though He does say all the names of those who have been washed in the blood of the Lamb have been written in His Book of Life)

I don’t believe December 25th is highlighted on God’s calendar.

God certainly is not a Santa, swooping down as earth sleeps, dropping gifts into chimneys. Continue reading


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No Money for Christmas

It was just before Thanksgiving, mid-1980s, when my then-husband’s work went on strike.  Thankfully, we already had our turkey and other food for Thanksgiving, but rumor had it the strike would last past Christmas, and possibly into the new year.

Of course, neither the utility companies, nor the mortgage company would put our billing on hold because of the strike.  And as usual, we had no savings account.

Our holidays were going to be very strained. I was used to living on a meager, shoestring budget and usually prepared ahead of time with gifts, especially because my son’s birthday was November 30th and one of my daughter’s birthday was just eight days later.

I always did everything I could to make my kids’ birthdays and holidays a pleasant experience. I babysat, sold Avon, or Christmas Around the World gifts and toys, or had an educational toy party, or something similar to earn gifts for my kids. Continue reading


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Jesus Came to Earth to Bring Life

imageI find the amaryllis to be an enchanting flower of Christmas, though it is technically not a Christmas flower.  Surely you have seen the six-by-eight inch boxes at your local stores that come out around Thanksgiving.  The pictures on the boxes display a flower that looks much like the one above.  These unique and beautiful flowers have the ability to bloom indoors.  They come in white, pink, pinkish-yellow, red, orange, and variegated colors.

The box is quite inexpensive, about seven dollars, and it includes a five inch plastic pot, plenty of dehydrated soil, and of course the bulb.  It also includes weeks of joy as you watch the dead bulb give birth to beautiful flowers. Continue reading

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Beauty in the Eye of the Photoshopper

As women, we are bombarded with beauty and perfection at every turn and every time we look at a magazine or a billboard.  We are being deceived.

Young girls feel tortured and condemned every time they look at themselves in the mirror. No matter how naturally beautiful a woman is, she cannot ever compare to the artificial beauty we see in those pictures, and often feel something is wrong with us.
Even worse, men are also deceived. Many men of all ages compare their girlfriend’s and wives to the unrealistic  pictures they see and feel they have somehow been cheated.
If you are a woman of any age, understand that the beauty that God offers us is genuinely much more than skin deep, but heart and soul-deep. Let’s help your daughters and sisters to see that. Please share this.
I grew up in a home where a person’s looks was highly elevated, so I know this type of pain well.
Article and photo from Yahoo! Shine


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Celebrate Jesus This Christmas

imageDon’t let the world dictate your Christmas with its pressure to buy this and that at every turn.  Of all the toys and the gifts given this year, most will be forgotten or broken by next Christmas.  But, what is really going to matter in fifty or one hundred years? Or a thousand years!   Continue reading


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Surviving the Loss of a Child During the Holidays

Thanksgiving Day was not even over this year when Black Friday rushed in like a runaway train.  I hope as people abruptly switched mode from thankfulness to Christmas shopping and all the festivities of the season such as: office parties, school plays, the hustle and the bustle, planning holiday meals, stressing over prickly relatives; they don’t forget what it truly means to be grateful for what one has.  As the old saying goes,

“We don’t appreciate what we have until it is gone.”

Those of us who have lost a loved one, especially a child, know this too well.

I barely survived  my son Jonathan’s funeral.   It would be the last time I would see his earthly body.

For one, I had a splitting headache from the grief, the stress, and sleep deprivation.  It felt as if the same icepick that had been driven through my heart had also been driven through my skull when I numbly sat a few feet from the coffin that held my son’s body. Continue reading


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