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Author’s B-Log

As I said in the About page, I loved to write when I was young. I wrote poems and silly stories. Even when I wasn’t writing, my mind was creative with words. When my kids were young they loved my made up stories. I’d make one up on the spur-of-the-moment, winging it as I went along then forget the details when they’d beg me to retell it. Each time I’d tell it differently.  They would say something like, “No Mom, the giant lived on the mountain, not in the forest!” And so on. I had as much fun hearing them correct me as I had telling the stories. Continue reading


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Giggles and Grins at the Zoo

While standing in a long line at a San Diego Zoo snack bar, I noticed a slight commotion coming from the picnic table area my friend Karen and our combined six kids sat. I didn’t think much of it as the outside lunch area was pretty busy. To stay within our budgets, we both brought our packed lunches planning on only buying drinks.

I walked towards the picnic table careful not to drop the full tray of drinks, only to find Karen and the kids bursting with giggles and grins. Continue reading


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An Unforgettable Deed

I became an unwed mom in the summer of 1980 at 23 years of age. Then my babysitter quit abruptly, leaving me stunned and stranded. I depended on the childcare in order to work my full time job, my only means of support. I drove to my mother’s house and asked if she’d watch my baby until I found another babysitter. Our relationship had been strained as far back in my early childhood as I could remember, but I really believed she’d help me out considering the urgency of the situation. Of all people, I felt sure she would understand. Her mother helped her care for me when I was a baby and she was an unwed mother.

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