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The Butterfly Effect – Promote Yourself

I love this poem!


I was a gorging caterpillar Consuming everything I could;

It was my nature, I knew no better, To me, it just seemed so good.

Then shame struck me and in searing pain I cocooned myself away from sight;

And in that shell You dealt with me ‘Til I was ready to return to the light.

Now I’m reborn a beloved butterfly Crafted with detail and engaging flair,

Painted with love by Your master hand, Molded with Masterly care.

As I flap my wings Who knows what effect You will impart through me?

Creating simple ripples, Affecting complex lives, Of people I may never see.

All glory to You, Whose perfect plan Finds a way to use unworthy me!

What an amazing God, Loving Father and guide,

Who heard my voiceless plaintive plea.

by @faithunlocked

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ACRBA – Ray Hawkins: From Eden With Love

So true.


108ba-fromedenwithlovelarge_fmt Now, before you ask if I am married or am in a relationship, let me answer this for you: No, I am not. I just thought you would like to know, as I am not as knowledgeable as some (most) of you. I had a hunch that this devotional was going to be about marriage, but I wasn’t quite sure. The other devotional by Hawkins was really good and so I couldn’t just let this one pass. Who knows, maybe the stuff I learnt will come in handy one day 😉 And learn stuff I did!
The section that resonated with me was the beginning. Hawkins gave some great metaphors and comparisons with the Garden of Eden and our relationship with God. Ever been confused or never really understood what is meant by being Brides of Christ or with Jesus being the second Adam? Well Hawkins will give this greater…

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Ever wondered why Lot’s Friends never made it out of Sodom?

Excellent post!

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When the Church Lets You Down

“Are you withholding sex from your marriage?  A man needs to have sex every 72 hours, and if you are not available that could be one of the reasons why your marriage is having such problems.”

I sat in the chair with my mouth dropped open to this pastor’s counseling words, and left the office more dismayed than when I entered it. I could not believe his preposterous statement. We had been attending the small church for over a year and it had taken me some time to get comfortable enough to go to the pastor for help. The pastor agreed to “counsel us” but after I left his office, I felt very little hope.

I had unwittingly signed up for an abusive marriage; the problems began almost immediately after the wedding. Though there was never any physical abuse, the verbal and emotional blows to me as a person were equally devastating, except unlike physical abuse; the wounding left deep scarring that seldom healed.

My expressions of feelings of despair and heartache were ignored and easily dismissed with.

“Hey, I’m perfectly happy. You’re the one with the problem.”  Another time he said.  “I don’t know what your problem is, I don’t beat you.”  He did emotionally!

Of course he was happy.  He was the one doing the lying, cheating, drinking, gambling, manipulating, controlling, criticizing, partying, ignoring, avoiding, abusing and oppressing. Continue reading


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Spiritual heart transplant – Max Lucado

This is absolutely beautiful. As a mother who lost a son I was touched, and even more so because my son’s heart also lives in someone today. While his spirit lives in Heaven, his heart lives and gives life on earth!

Marius Zarnescu

max lucado, GraceA few years ago I contacted Max Lucado to ask his permission to translate his daily devotionals from He was quite happy about it and he wrote back:

It is a wonderful honor to be a part of this valuable website. God loves all the people of Romania . It is my prayer that every single person of this great nation discovers the love of God and the gift of Jesus Christ. Thank you for allowing me to share a word and, Lord willing, lift a heart.” Max Lucado.

I was overwhelmed by the fact that Max Lucado wrote to a kid like me. Wonderful. Speechless.

I’ve created a blog, Max Lucado Romania, where we translated some of his devotionals. We stopped for a while but we started again a few weeks ago. He’s playing with the words and illustrates deep Biblical truths in a way that…

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She wasn’t being rude

I have been working on a novella called Black Coat with a Silver Lining about a homeless man named Nick, so I was really touched when I read this and wanted to share it with you. I hope you enjoy this story.


My receptionist Ericka was in tears. The caller had said some pretty mean things, and she’s sensitive to what people say to her. She thrust the phone towards me, and pleaded for me to deal with it, “She doesn’t understand we don’t have any appointments available and, anyway, we’ll be closed in 45 minutes.” Some lady’s dog hadn’t “eated” in 4 days, and so she thinks she’s really pretty sick, and what was I gonna do about it? On such a hectic afternoon, I was glad to take the load off the front desk, and proceeded with the best defense being a good offense. “So he hasn’t eaten in 4 days? Wow, you rushed right in! What makes you think it’s serious now” The colloquialism of her words and accents made it difficult to understand, even for a small town Missoura hick like myself, but I did make out something…

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In Sickness and in Health I Will Trust My God


I hope you all don’t get this nasty gastrointestinal bug that is going around the northwest.  My husband had it and now I have it.

It starts out with two days of restless sleep, and then one gets a nasty case of heartburn that goes on for hours.  One’s skin feels clammy and prickly; and it is very hard to regulate temperature.

I literally felt like I had been punched in the stomach multiple times.  I have never been punched in the stomach but assumed that is what it must feel like.  When my husband first had it I worried because those are also heart attack symptoms.

Then it hits your gut hard.  With my husband it was impossible to stay away from a toilet for very long. Continue reading


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Don’t Look Back!


Is there a pillar of salt in your past?

In Genesis Chapters 18 and 19, we read about God’s appearance to Abraham in the form of a man, along with two other men who are actually two angels.  They come to declare to Abraham and Sarah that in a year their son Isaac, the promised child, will be born.

Then God shares with Abraham that He is about to set judgment on the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. Then the Lord said, “The outcry against Sodom and Gomorrah is so great and their sin so grievous” Genesis 18:20

Abraham, concerned for his nephew Lot and Lot’s family who live in Sodom, tries to bargain with God not to destroy the city if there are at least 10 righteous people there.

In God’s eyes, Sodom and Gomorrah’s wickedness is so vile there is no other option to do but destroy it.  He cannot even find 10 righteous people in the entire city of Sodom.  God is gracious with Lot’s family for Abraham’s sakes.

The two angels are sent to Sodom to rescue Lot, his wife, and two daughters from being destroyed along with the city. Continue reading

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Valentine, Don’t Settle. Accept His Love

Here is a little YouTube history of Valentines Day.  Enjoy!

If you are single, God knows you feel alone and left out and that Valentines Day is a painful day.

God also wants you to know that He genuinely loves you.

God wants you to be His and for you to accept Him as yours.

imageGod created the original valentine.  He gave Himself as a gift of love and redemption so that we could have a restored relationship with Him, and be partakers with Him in Heaven. Continue reading


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Attention All Men!

Please watch the video below put out by St. Mark Lutheran Church, De Pere, WI.
What is it Like Being a Dad.

Men, Please!

Rise up to your call as a father.
Accept the gift God has given you.
Every child needs a dad.
Every child needs your leadership.
Every child needs your strengths.
Every child needs your guidance.
Every child needs your genuine love.
I know this because I was one of those children without a dad and never had any type of father image, not because my father died in the war or in a car accident or anything like that, but simply because my father never cared to meet me or know what I looked like. Continue reading


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