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Merry Christmas, Friends!

Christmas time is a very wonderful time of the year,

but it is also full of busywork and expectations.

Remember to take time to breath!

God bless your holiday season!



By ~ Elizabeth Yalian 2013-2018 ©

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Wondering if Celebrating Christmas is Worth it?

I am reblogging my post from 2014 because I wonder if the Christmas holiday is wearing some people out to the point they would rather skip it. As I drive around I notice considerably less houses putting up lights and  decorations.  Even on my own block it seems only one fourth of the houses show any signs of Christmas. I hope this isn’t a growing trend and would hate for the true meaning of this beautiful holiday to continue to get lost in the chasing of sales, the shuffling of credit cards and the wrapping-paper covered floors.

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CHRISTMAS: To Celebrate or Not?


I’ve given Christmas a lot of thought this year as there’ve been articles circulating Facebook and the internet for several months about Christmas being a pagan holiday that originated with the celebration of the birth of a sun god, and that the Catholics broke away from the Roman pagan sun-god roots and declared December 25th a day to celebrate the birth of Jesus instead. And much more. (I apologize for this being a little long, it’s a complicated subject.)

Then there’s the one of a tree taken from the forest and being covered with silver and gold. Of course, most think of Christmas trees, tinsel, ornaments, etc. I read those verses before in Jeremiah 10:3-5 and looked them up again. It speaks of the god(s) of that culture, a wooden statue carved in the image of a being or an animal then literally overlaid with melted silver or gold, and Ta-dah, it’s a god! (Insert tongue in cheek here) These carved images were actually worshiped. I agree, if I did that with a tree, or anything, I would definitely offend God.

I do understand the articles. People who write them have strong convictions and I don’t hold that against them whatsoever as I have my own strong convictions. That being said, I’ve been trying not to rationalize Christmas, but rather weigh out the celebration of Christmas as Jesus’ birthday against not celebrating it at all, and took a close look at what Christmas means to me. Continue reading


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Sometimes, We Just Need a Real Perspective

My friend Vern Westgate sent this email out just before Christmas.  I found the pictures to be a fabulous glimpse of America’s not too distant past during the hardship of The Depression Era.  Really worth seeing.  It will open your eyes to how blessed we really are.

I thought Vern had a great idea in sharing this, and with his permission (thanks Vern), I am passing it on hoping you will get as much out of Vern’s perspective and the amazing pictures as I did.

America really does have an immense amount to be greatful for.

Thank You God!


Hi, Here’s my perspective for you having a Merry Christmas in spite of the current state of our country…and the attacks against my Christian faith…(and your Christian faith too, I hope…)

These stark pictures are from the Depression. They were taken 72 years ago, when I was a 7 year old kid in a great Christian family…We moved from Minnesota to California a few months ahead of Pearl Harbor. So we went from the tough Depression life to rationing…(5 gallons of gas per week, sugar and meat were rationed as were other things), no new cars were built for 4, 5 years…millions of men went to war and most stayed until it was over. My dad built B-25s and P-51s… Continue reading


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Rejoicing in Jesus’ Birth

imageHow Much Does God Love the World?

God So Loved The World That He Gave…


in the body of a frail newborn named Jesus.

But…why would He do that?

He came in our form so that we could better relate to Him.

So that He could teach us about Himself.

So that He could show us what real love looks like. Continue reading


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Merry Christmas

From the Yalian household to yours, Merry Christmas!

From the Yalian household to yours, Merry Christmas!

Well, the pooches would

not face the camera

and one antler would not cooperate,

but the sentiment of joy and

fun is still the same:

Merry Christmas from our

household to yours.

May the Lord bless you

and keep you,

may His blessings flow

upon you this Christmas!

Just having a little fun with the joy of the season!

By ~ Elizabeth Yalian 2013 ©


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Does God Celebrate Christmas?


Well, seeing how Christmas is a mixture of pagan and Christian traditions, I don’t believe God has a Christmas tree decorated with lights and cherubs.

I don’t believe He adorns the halls of Heaven with twinkling lights and bows of greenery.

I don’t believe the heavenly host rush around their kitchens making millions of divine delights for their annual cookie exchange.

I don’t believe God has shopping requests, or naughty or nice lists. (Though He does say all the names of those who have been washed in the blood of the Lamb have been written in His Book of Life)

I don’t believe December 25th is highlighted on God’s calendar.

God certainly is not a Santa, swooping down as earth sleeps, dropping gifts into chimneys. Continue reading


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No Money for Christmas

It was just before Thanksgiving, mid-1980s, when my then-husband’s work went on strike.  Thankfully, we already had our turkey and other food for Thanksgiving, but rumor had it the strike would last past Christmas, and possibly into the new year.

Of course, neither the utility companies, nor the mortgage company would put our billing on hold because of the strike.  And as usual, we had no savings account.

Our holidays were going to be very strained. I was used to living on a meager, shoestring budget and usually prepared ahead of time with gifts, especially because my son’s birthday was November 30th and one of my daughter’s birthday was just eight days later.

I always did everything I could to make my kids’ birthdays and holidays a pleasant experience. I babysat, sold Avon, or Christmas Around the World gifts and toys, or had an educational toy party, or something similar to earn gifts for my kids. Continue reading


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