Need Help Liking The Bible?

imageHappy Saturday everybody.

When I find something of great value I like to share it.

That is why I have spent countless hours telling stories of how God has transformed me from a person who felt meaningless and unwanted to a person who realizes that God, the Creator of the universe, the All Mighty, All Powerful God–is also my Father.

He redeemed this unwanted, forsaken, sinful, selfish, forgotten, fatherless self–ME–into His kingdom through the blood of Jesus Christ, His Son.

So now I can say,

“I got a Daddy!”

I am no longer the illegitimate-child I used to be.  Because of Jesus and God’s love, I am a now a treasured, priceless, princess, daughter of the King of kings on High.  Jesus’ sacrifice came free to me, but it cost Him a great price.  His Life.

Because I care about every person who reads my blog, when I find something I perceive has great earthly value that is given away for free, I want to share that also.

Author and speaker Keith Ferrin is offering this great e-book for free.

Ten Tips For Liking The Bible (because believing it’s true is not enough)

I have been reading it and like it.

Keith Ferrin writes like he is sitting across the table from you enjoying a piece of pie, which is the way I like to read a book, and also the way I like to write my stories.

I love the Bible and have been enjoying its rich, life giving words and wisdom,  but I must admit that there are some parts that are difficult to read.

When we read the Bible not understanding the culture, beliefs or practices of that time, it is difficult to get past some of the harsh realities of those day, and how God dealt with people who practiced evil–such as offered their newborn sons as sacrifices to gods they invented and created out of stone or wood.

God once tested Abraham’s faith by asking him to sacrifice his son Isaac.  Abraham knew God had something up His sleeve because God had promised Abraham that a great and mighty nation (later called Israel) would come through Isaac’s lineage.  So hard as it must have been for Abraham, he took his son Isaac, and went through the sacrificial steps until God said.

“Okay, Abraham.  Don’t harm the boy.  You passed the test.  This test was more for you to strengthen your faith in me than it was for My faith in you.  I told you I have mighty plans for Isaac, and you believed me. Great job!  Check out the goat I provided for you in the thicket.”

God sacrificed Himself in the form of His own Son ,Jesus, on the cross at Calvary for our sins. That in itself is a difficult one to understand, but hey; God is God and we are certainly not, so how can we possibly understand all of His ways?

God never, ever asked anyone to burn their babies as sacrifices as the people were doing in some parts of the Bible.

There are other very hard to take stories in the Bible, but as the saying goes:

Real life is stranger than fiction.

Go on to Keith Ferrin’s website and get your free book now.

P.S. I don’t get anything out of this, only the satisfaction that your love for God’s word may increase.

So there you go.  Enjoy!

Found Image on Facebook.

By ~ Elizabeth Yalian 2013 ©

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