CAUTION: You Are Being Watched


You are being watched.


Every day, you are being watched.

I don’t mean Big Brother, Uncle Sam, or the thousands of cameras that are popping up all over our cities.  I am not referring to God, though indeed, He does watch us.

I am referring to everybody else our life touches in one way or another.  Even when we are unaware we are touching someone’s life.

I sat at my chiropractor’s office Tuesday morning with a throbbing headache, attempting to distract myself from my pain by reading a book .  A woman sat near me, and an elderly couple sat on the love seat nearby.  They looked to be in their seventies.   The wife appeared to be in pain. I could so relate.

The couple huddled closely together, arms entwined, she rested her head on his shoulder. They whispered softly to one another.

Surely this was also what God meant when He spoke about marriage in Genesis 2:24.

Therefore shall a man leave his father and  his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall become one flesh.

Their love for each other was unmistakable.  She took out a tiny, white, pocket Bible and began to quietly read to her husband. That couple had a powerful witness.

The woman sitting near me made a gesture to catch my attention.  She had captured this couple’s love for each other  on her phone.  The couple had no idea they had even been noticed.

“I know it’s intrusive for me to take their picture, I hope they don’t mind.  But I hope that is me when I’m that age. That’s what I am looking for,”  the younger woman said,  “that is exactly what I want.”  She looked to be in her thirties, and was very attractive.”  “I am done with dating.  That is what I am looking for.”

She talked about her worries, her biological clock winding down, and how she had this special guy in her life, but they had only been involved a very short time.

My advice to her was to really get to know him, and to make sure she got to see him around his family and friends often.  How he behaved around them would say a lot about who he was.  I also suggested she spend time with him and her family and friends.  They will have your better interest at heart, and will see things in him that your love blinders will block out.

“Don’t be in a hurry, though,” I said.  “Remember, it is much less painful to wish you were married than to wish you were not married to your husband. I have been there. Trust me, you don’t want to ever be there.” She took all that to heart.  I wished her the best, and plan on adding her to my prayers.

Unless you spend your life in a cave, know there is someone always watching you.

My young children were watching me when I read Bible stories to them, and sang Jesus songs and songs like:

“Oh Be Careful Little Eyes What You See,”

and “This Little light of Mine”

My very perceptive two and half year old daughter was watching one evening when my then-husband wanted to go driving around while extremely drunk, and fought me for the keys I had hidden.  Finally, after I had given him the keys in order to have peace and sanity, I tried to physically stop him from going out the door by grabbing his arm and pleading, “Please, don’t drive the car, go to bed.  Please don’t go!”

My little angel grabbed her dad’s leg and said,  “Don’t go, daddy!”  She had no way of understanding that his driving could have taken somebody’s life, but she understood enough to know it would not be good for him to go.  He went anyway.  I prayed that God would keep the other innocent drivers on the road safe.

That same child was watching me one day when she was three years old.  I was peeling and slicing apples for her and for her one and a half year old sister.   She said,

“Mommy, are you crying again?”

“No, I am not crying at all? Do you see tears in my eyes?”


“Then why do you think I am crying?”

“Your face is crying.”

I was stunned. I thought I kept my heartache to myself.  I held the pain inside when I was around my kids because I did not want them to be affected by it.  I was pregnant with my third child.  I knew I would love that child also, but was terribly grieved over bringing another child into my horribly, miserable marriage. I cried every day the first three months of my pregnancy.

My children watched when I read them stories, kissed boo-boos, and rocked them to sleep.

My children were watching me when I told the cashier at the grocery store she gave me too much money back, or when I got to the parking lot and noticed that one little item in the shopping cart that didn’t get paid for, and went back in the store to pay for it.

My children were watching me when I made doll dresses for the girls, a bow and arrows for my son from tree switches and a cord, and faux coon-skin-hats for all of them.

My children were watching me when I would talk to my friends about my painful marriage.

My children were watching me when my patience grew thin.

They watched when I got angry at the driver who cut me off, or anytime I had a poor attitude.

During their teens, my children were watching me when I dealt angrily with the aftermath of a divorce. I struggled to pay the most basic of bills, and felt I could not take one more twelve hour work day.

Yes, they always watch.  Don’t be fooled.

But there are others who watch us also.

Others see our attitudes, our behaviors, the road we choose to walk, and how we walk it when life T-bones us with tragedy and we are Christ followers. That is when the microscopes come out. In John 13:35 Jesus says,

“By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”

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By ~ Elizabeth Yalian 2013 ©


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16 responses to “CAUTION: You Are Being Watched

  1. sachaharwood

    Reblogged this on The irony kid and commented:
    I really like this post, worth a read.

  2. What a wonderful read – thank you.

  3. Debbie Bevan

    Liz, WOW!!! “Your face is crying” How astute our children can be. I remember the pain and sorrow you went thru. Funny how we can put on our happy masks for friends, family and church but our children are so sensitive they can tell. I’m so thankful that Yah is close to the broken hearted, even when we don’t feel him close. Much love Mishpachah….Shalom in Yahshua my friend….wish I could write that in the Hebrew letters but my phone doesn’t have the Hebrew letters on it so you’ll have to look up the transliteration to what I said.

  4. What a beautiful post …. resonates love and compassion.

  5. It’s so important to remember this. Often we tend to think it’s only what we say that counts. Great post, and lovely example of the couple.

  6. You are very wise. Thanks for sharing this.

  7. I admire both you and that elderly couple; your words to that young lady are so wise.

    Blessings ~ Wendy

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