Book Status Update

Elizabeth Yalian

image Hello friends, just wanted to let anyone interested in the status of Black Coat with a Silver Lining that I have been feverishly working to get this book out by this weekend but may not make it because of the holiday.  If I don’t get it out then, it will be out next week.  I will post the first chapter as soon as the book is ready to make its debut.

To everyone out there,

Happy Passover!

Happy Easter!

May your weekend be blessed!

Here is more of a description of the book.

Nick’s story is sure to steal your heart as you immerse in the fictional memoir of a young man’s struggle with loss, tragedy, and heartache.

Shattered by his current circumstances, Nick, a former foster child, feels estranged from the world around him, and is weary of living on the frigid streets. One evening, his dream of an Italian feast turns hopelessly sour…

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