Book on Store Shelves!

Elizabeth Yalian



I am so excited Sower Christian Supplies and Hastings both placed my book in their Local Authors Section!

Thank you Sower and Hastings!

Thank You God!

imageBlack Coat with a Silver Lining:

A Homeless Man Finds Hope

The Endearing Story of the Redemption of a Devastated Young Life.

Seven year old Nick tragically loses his parents and grandparents, and gets passed around his disinterested family only to end up in foster care. When at eighteen years old he ages out of the system he tries to live a normal life, but because of a series of unfortunate circumstances he finds himself alone and homeless. Nick’s haunting past has left him struggling to believe there is a God, let alone one who cares about him.

Restless with the stressful factors of his desperate existence, Nick steals a car and lands in jail, but hope walks into his life through an unexpected person who…

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2 responses to “Book on Store Shelves!

  1. Congratulations! And the story sounds like a good one… 🙂

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