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Happy Birthday Son, You’re Not Forgotten

imageThis was published in our local newspaper November 30, 2011

November 30, 2011 is a very heavy day for me. Exactly 28 years earlier,
Jonathan Mathew made his debut into the world weighing in at 8 pounds and 14
ounces. He was nicknamed the ‘flirt’ at our church nursery because of his huge
dimply smiles and constant joyful nature.

As a child he often played with the small children other kids ignored, and helped
little kids learn to skate. Sometimes he gave away his lunch money when
someone forgot theirs. He loved reading, learning, sports and home school.
He was all boy! His love for guns began as a toddler when my mother bought
him a cowboy set of guns with holsters, sheriff badge, hat and boots. He would
have slept with all of it on if allowed to. When he was about nine he wanted a BB
gun as badly as I wanted him to try a different haircut so we worked out a deal.
Here is an essay he wrote about that arrangement in his own words and spelling. Continue reading


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A Memory Life Quilt

I am working on a life quilt in memory of my son Jonathan. At the age of 27
he was involved in a fatal motorcycle accident. I cannot explain what that
kind of loss feels like. It was as if my soul had been ripped from me and
turned inside out. My first prayer was that he hadn’t suffered. God was very
gracious to my son and those left behind. His death was almost
instantaneous. My heart broke when I read the police accident report,
something no parent should do. I got an instant migraine after reading it.
Though he wore a helmet, he had severe head and chest injuries. Had he
survived, it would have been a tough road for him and our family, and for the large
number of close friends he had.image

My son was total testosterone. He loved sports, guns, hunting, motorcycles,
camping, fishing; anything manly. When he was about three years old, he
began emulating his older sisters and their friends. He liked the color pink
so much it didn’t matter if he got cherry, strawberry, raspberry, or bubble
gum flavored ice-cream. When asked which ice-cream he wanted he shouted,
“Pink. I want pink.” Continue reading


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