Happy Birthday Son, You’re Not Forgotten

imageThis was published in our local newspaper November 30, 2011

November 30, 2011 is a very heavy day for me. Exactly 28 years earlier,
Jonathan Mathew made his debut into the world weighing in at 8 pounds and 14
ounces. He was nicknamed the ‘flirt’ at our church nursery because of his huge
dimply smiles and constant joyful nature.

As a child he often played with the small children other kids ignored, and helped
little kids learn to skate. Sometimes he gave away his lunch money when
someone forgot theirs. He loved reading, learning, sports and home school.
He was all boy! His love for guns began as a toddler when my mother bought
him a cowboy set of guns with holsters, sheriff badge, hat and boots. He would
have slept with all of it on if allowed to. When he was about nine he wanted a BB
gun as badly as I wanted him to try a different haircut so we worked out a deal.
Here is an essay he wrote about that arrangement in his own words and spelling.

Best thing I ever heard

The best thing I ever (heard) was the day Mom said I could have a B.B. gun.
I thaohgt I would faint when Mom said yes but I had to get this awful haircut but I
didn’t care. Mom had already gotton me B.B.s and later got me some pellets.
We went in to Shopco and thier it was the most buitiful thing I ever saw.
After school I couldn’t wait to go shooting I was very angcious to knock
some cans of the hey stak. A few weeks later I got a scope and after
Christmas I got a case for it. The End.

September 24, 2011 ripped through my heart like a bolt of lightning. News of
my son’s fatal motorcycle accident echoed throughout the walls of my mind
leaving me in a state of numbness and disbelief for many weeks. Night after
night I was unable to sleep while imagined scenarios of the accident repeatedly
played in my mind. Even now, two months later, I have moments of ‘forgetting’
about the accident and wonder while driving through the city, if he is on duty in his
police cruiser at that time.

News of the accident tore through all our nearby communities where Jonathan
(Jonny to most of his friends) was a caring police officer as well as a
generous and loving special friend to many, leaving everyone with the big
question: “WHY?” “He was doing so much good in the community.” “Why him?”
Only God can answer that question.

Jonathan left a legacy of devotion to God and one of love and friendship to
those around him that is hard to beat. People over and over express what a
“gift” he was in their lives. I strongly believe Jonathan’s first and middle
names were carefully and specifically chosen by God Himself. Jonathan and
Mathew. They mean: “A Gift of God”.

By ~ Elizabeth Yalian  ©2013


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7 responses to “Happy Birthday Son, You’re Not Forgotten

  1. I’m so sorry for your loss. He sounds like an amazing young man. Our son’s name is Jason David – “Jason” meaning healer, and “David” meaning beloved. Jason was such a beloved young man. He certainly lived up to his name as being a healer. He had such an empathetic and kind spirit. We miss our boy so much, and look forward to the day we will see him again.

    • Thank you so much, Joyce. It was a very tough time. God graciously brought me through it. I really don’t know how people who have no faith at all get through gut wrenching times like this. Just knowing he lives in Heaven now and I will see him again began began my journey to peace.

      • I recently had to say goodbye to someone very close to me. Her earthly body was afflicted with cancer, but now, she has a wonderful new body in heaven and is truly happy in Jesus! It will be an amazing reunion for all of us one day, won’t it?

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