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The Trouble With A Phone Being So Smart

imageThere is one thing for sure I can tell you about smart phones, they can make one feel…not so smart. My husband and I both needed to upgrade our phones. I had a Samsung slide key phone, his flip-phone was so old, I assumed it came to America on The Mayflower. A local Verizon dealerships ran a special. “Get a brand new Samsung Android 4G smart phone, worth hundreds of dollars, FREE with a two year contract.”

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Coffee, Tea, or ‘Scuse Me?

20130307-233301.jpgMid-December of 1995, we invited everyone in our Bible study to a Christmas party at our house. Our new addition was complete and we were excited to show everyone the finished work. I was so happy the house was finally tidy and organized. Our days of living with drywall dust, sawdust, wood chips, and tools all over the place were finally over. Anyone who’s lived through home remodeling will know what I mean. Living under a construction zone is extremely tiresome. The kids were very excited about the party and willing to help. We put up our Christmas decorations and got ready for the party.

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Giggles and Grins at the Zoo

While standing in a long line at a San Diego Zoo snack bar, I noticed a slight commotion coming from the picnic table area my friend Karen and our combined six kids sat. I didn’t think much of it as the outside lunch area was pretty busy. To stay within our budgets, we both brought our packed lunches planning on only buying drinks.

I walked towards the picnic table careful not to drop the full tray of drinks, only to find Karen and the kids bursting with giggles and grins. Continue reading


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