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God Is Working, Please Be Patient

imageI saw this image on Facebook today and was quite touched by it. I decided to share it not because I want people to Type Amen, but because I am hoping anyone who sees it will be encouraged by what it represents, like I was when I saw it.

So often we feel like God is slumbering on a tropical island somewhere sipping Mai Tais, and has just left us to struggle on our own.   But what we don’t see is that God is working in our lives, He’s constantly laboring behind the scenes to bring out the best in us.

Sometimes, if feels like we are prodded, squeezed, shoved, kicked, knocked around, and fired up till we are about to dissolve into nothingness.  At least I do.

But we really must keep in mind that because God is not finished with us yet, the work must go on and on. Continue reading


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