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The Smoothing Out of the “Rugged” Cross

It seems the tremendous sacrifice of the rugged cross has been minimized to a wooden symbol we attach to God. That symbol is linked to chains around people’s neck, tattooed on different parts of their bodies, erected over buildings, and imprinted on t-shirts and other items, but the intimate connection between God and soul seems to be missing. Churches keep growing bigger and bigger, with more programs and ways to evangelize, yet our willingness to personally connect with God becomes less heavenly minding and more earthly prone.

Churchgoing feels much like a duty and a social gathering one participates in, a tradition if you will, with God thrown in for good measure. We move in haste from one event to another without giving much thought to what we left behind.

I know it’s a shocking thing to say.  I am simply writing from what I have experienced through the lives of others and in my own life at times; however, I know this is not the way all Christ followers live.  Continue reading

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