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Weeds In The Greenhouse

I have a hoop greenhouse.  It was just set up this year so I am learning a thing or two about greenhouses.  One thing I didn’t know is that if one is not careful, the warmth intended to strengthen and nourish the plants can end up overwhelming and harming them.  There must be a balance between the light, the warmth and water and nourishment.

I figured having tomatoes, beets, squashes, zucchinis, bell peppers, onions and other assorted vegies in a protected environment like the greenhouse meant my plants would be protected from the elements like frost and cold.  I thought I would not have to worry about pesky bugs, well not as many anyway. However, if the bees cannot get in to the greenhouse, there will be no pollination and the plants will be fruitless.

I was sure weeds would be a thing of the past.  But not so!  There are weeds in the garden beds, and in the walking path between the beds.

Some of the weeds were blown in as seeds by the wind. Continue reading


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