Mistaken Identity


After years of wandering through sullen shadows,

And stretched, somber avenues of abandonment,

Of wearing masks, and living empty echoes of life,

She knew little more than to follow the crowd.

She explored unhealthy places that whispered contentment.

She believed in the hollow promises she sought within.

Singed and torn by unfriendly competition,

She longed to believe that there was something

Of value, one thing, anything, worthy inside of her.

She found no identity to call her very own.

By nineteen, she was overcome by this world.


It was there, that He sought her, where He met her.

 He chose to wait for what seemed like an ordinary day.

To summon her, approach her, to introduce Himself.

To let her know, she was more precious than His own life.

He spoke a message of redemption she had not heard.

She felt an overwhelming yearning to be near Him.

She responded to a call she didn’t yet understand.

She had no clue what that date would mean someday,

When age and wisdom would finally be welcomed in.

But not till after ravenous storms tore through her soul,

And valleys that swallowed her within their depth.

And scorching deserts without rivers or streams.

It would be then, that she was ready to put herself aside,

And willingly see His way was always the best way.

Like a child who insists on carrying a load much too big,

And has to have their own say in nearly everything.

She thought all along she had been surrendering,

Yet, there was always that part of herself that held back.

No one told her how to open the gates to her soul.

She didn’t know how to free herself, from herself, and let go,

And to trust that His arms were strong enough to hold her.

Since, no one ever really wanted to carry her before.


He continued to persevere, to wait on her as long as it took.

He knew she could not do life alone for too long.

And He knew there would come that one time,

When all she would ever want was to turn to Him.

And that’s where He met her the second time,

Without judgment or curses or expectations.

But with arms open wider than east is from west.

The day came when He could gently confront her.

Are you ready to fully trust Me now, my child? I am here.


Yes my Father, hold me, pull me to Your bosom.

I want to hear Your heart drumming in my ear.

I want to match my heart beat to Your rhythm.

But voices from the past are barriers to your path,

 I cannot do it on my own as my fears keep me pinned.

I long to frolic and romp in the shadow of your wings.

Would you help me to find the perfect cadence?


Yes, my child, I will help you and guide you.

I have waited for you to ask since you were but a form,

Nestled in your mother’s womb, I spoke to you then.

I placed My hand upon you and called you My own.

I clothed you with skin and with a sound mind.

No one can ever dare to remove you from Me.

You see how I have loved you with an everlasting heart?


Oh yes, my Father, but You are a Mighty King.

But I am the lowest of servants. I terribly fail You.

An unmerited love, such I cannot comprehend.

The virtuous woman–that–I have not been.

Though I often longed to find her in my heart.

I have been nothing but a disappointment.

I have tainted Your will and Your name with my sin.

I am unworthy of such a kindred redeemer.

I am unable to see myself as You see me.


Oh, child, I am the Lord, the Maker of all you see.

The Commander of the stars and the heavens.

Your darkness has never hid you from Me.

Your offenses have never kept Me away.

I have placed My fingerprints upon you.

Your redemption is stamped on your forehead.

Remember the day you answered My call?

That was the day I covered your transgressions.

   Where are they now?  I do not see them as I look around.

All I see are these nail prints in My hands,

The scar on My side, and the prints on My feet.

Don’t you see? These are My seals of approval for you.

You are no longer who you were, you are now sanctioned.

It was a crown of salvation I placed on your head that day.

A robe, white as pure light, waits for you in your new home.

You are My child, I am the King, you are My princess.

Just come to Me, My child, and accept your place.

Take the place that has been set aside just for you for eternity.


Oh Yes, my Father, my Lord, and my King.

I understand now it has nothing to do with who or what I am,

But it has everything to do with who it is that You are.

It has everything to do with who I am through Your eyes.

I am reborn only through You; I come to You now, my Lord.

I am Your child, You are the King, I am Your princess.


The day finally came when she recognized her true identity.

Her soul gates open, she was freed from herself,  she could finally let go,

His arms were indeed strong enough to hold her and never release her.

By ~ Elizabeth Yalian  ©2013


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  1. your title for your blog is simply brillant., subtitle even better, your avatar and the background colour are both perfect. What can I say except i love the whole feel and message without reading more than a post or two

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