Summer Facelift

Hello Friends! His Eye Is On This Sparrow has undergone a summer facelift.
My husband and I went out on a scenic ferry cruise today. We past by very luxurious homes. I could not resist taking this photo and posting it as my summer header image above! I imagine myself on one of those lounges, reading a book or a blog or two, sipping an extra-grande glass of yerba-mate, iced-tea with just the right amount of coconut milk creamer, and stevia sweetener. I invite you to bring your own drink and lounge around with me. I’ve set out a large bowl of fresh, iced watermelon, cantaloupe and strawberry chunks just for you! Scrumptious!
The warm sand and cool lake waters are calling! As you can see, there are plenty of open seats. Hope you can make it!

By ~ Elizabeth Yalian 2013 ©


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6 responses to “Summer Facelift

  1. Sure thing!! I’ll grab my iced tea and be right over. 😉 I like the summer update!

  2. From northern England where we live in hopes of someday — just one day! — getting to 70-degrees, this looks fabulous. I’m already raising my (virtual) yerba-matte. Whatever that is…

    • What is your average summer temperature, Barb? I’m in the Northwest part of the US and it was 87 yesterday. That’s a little too warm for me, though. Yerba-mate is an herbal tea loaded with antioxidants. I like the dark roasted kind, it looks like coffee when I brew it in the coffeemaker, then I add the coconut creamer, stevia and plenty of ice. It’s delicious, like an iced latte, if you happen to like those. The word mate rhymes with latte.

      • We’re Seattle transplants, and never even had an air-conditioner there (although I did field bitter complaints on the 1-2 days a year when the mercury soared). Now in NE England, the average temps for July are in upper 60s. Plus we live in an ancient castle with 2-3 foot thick stone walls, so indoor temps are further reduced by at least 10-degrees. Our big nod to summer was taking off one of our (three) down duvets.

        Your yerba-mate sounds fabulous, although iced-lattes are few and far between here. That’s for many reasons, not the least of which is that ice-cubes must be on the UK endangered species list because if you order ice in your drink you have to specify the number of ice chips. (I like to ask for 27 ice chips in a separate glass because it drives them nuts trying to figure out why that number. But — this IS England, after all — they always anxiously put exactly 27 ice chips into a glass. I’m probably going to hell.)

        • Well, that explains why most pictures of people in England show them with a coat and hat on! Now, as for the castle, you will have to tell us how it is that your family ended up in a castle! Maybe one of your next posts? I would certainly like to read that story!

          I bet they love to see you coming when it’s time to order a drink! With lower temperatures, you would think ice cubes would be easy to maintain.

          We are having a heat wave here in the west. Today it’s 92 in the shade and tomorrow’s heat is expected to hit 100. A thick walled castle sounds good to me right now. As for the hell thing, thank God it takes much more than 27 ice chips to get there. 🙂

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