He Lives Because Jesus Lives!


Thinking of you, son. You live in my memories.

I hang on to mementos and childhood memories of jokes, smiles and laughter.

I am grateful for silly boy tactics, bouquets of wilted weeds, and a boy’s imagination.

I am grateful for the precious boy’s face I looked into and the hands I held.

I am grateful for the many “I lub you, Mommy!” and “I’m hungry!” I heard throughout his childhood.

I am grateful for the slobbery kisses, the little boy smells of earth, sweat, musky hair, and rusty tin cans.

I am grateful for the smudgy fingerprints on everything shiny and glass.

I unconsciously struggled with thoughts of my son’s body decomposing, imagining which stage his body was going through, as part of me felt like I was also going through the same stages.

The skies continued to glow in blues and oranges and pinks, all hues of splendor.

The birds did not stop their chatter or melodies, the squirrels would not quit their scampering.

The leaves seemed to brown and fall also in mourning though it was only the season of Autumn I saw.

Is he now forever trapped in a coffin? A confinement he would have never chosen?

Is his consciousness hovering along the atmosphere in confusion, misplaced, and searching for a home before his essence dissolves like a wisp of smoke, vapor or mist dissolves into the air?

No! Never!  He is much more than his body. He is made in the image of God! His soul is alive.

It is not that he was and is no more, only in this realm.  But he still is in Heaven and in memories and in thoughts and comments that he made, and in exchanged conversations. Yes he still is.

Jonathan lives now because our Jesus conquered death and lives.

Jonathan’s body was a temporary shell to house his spirit while he sojourned his set time on earth.

He now wears a white robe and is called by a secret name.

He sings and smiles and worships the Lord of Hosts directly.

He soars in utter freedom from the clumsy burdens of life on earth.

He excels in perfection that was meant to be from God.

He will one day gain the new body Jesus promised him.

There will be no more pain, sorrow, tears, or grief.

Only love, joy, and peace then.

We will embrace and rejoice to have found each other again one day.

He lives because Jesus lives!

Happy 30th Birthday Jonathan! November 30, 2013

Image found on Facebook

By ~ Elizabeth Yalian 2013 ©http://hiseyeisonthissparrow.com.


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2 responses to “He Lives Because Jesus Lives!

  1. Thank you whisperingleavesblog!

  2. Happy birthday Jonathan. God bless Mommy and those who love you!

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