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To My Brother Mario

imageTo my dear brother Mario,

I just wanted to let you know that though we didn’t grow up together or have a chance to build brother-sister memories…

and you never made me cry…

or pull my hair…

or fought with me…

or drove me crazy…

or watched me succeed…

or saw me fail and laughed…

or scolded me… Continue reading

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Are We So Different From the Children of Israel?

In Exodus, God has shown the children of Israel that not only He’s there with them, but that He is a Mighty God. Because of Pharaoh’s rebellion, He has steadily pummeled Egypt with unbelievably supernatural plagues. Here are a few: all water is turned into blood, their homes and land are obscenely overrun with frogs, locusts devour their crops, boils afflict them, and finally the death of their first born sons.
Throughout the ten supernatural plagues that ravage Egypt, the children of Israel go untouched. And though some of Pharaoh’s magicians duplicate the first few plagues, they cannot remove them or duplicate the rest.
If all of their water is turned to blood and the place is overrun by frogs, why on earth would the magicians cause more grief upon themselves by adding to the problem?  Hmmm. Just curious. Continue reading

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A Holy Land in America?

Someday I would like to visit Israel, the Holy Land of the Bible. Whether I will get to do that or not I don’t know but I was really amazed to find out that since 2007 there has been a Holy Land right in our very homeland, the United States of America. Of course, it is not the genuine Israel, but it comes in as the next best thing if one is unable to fly to the Middle East.
The good thing about this park is that there are no extensive airplane flights and airport nightmares or costs ( unless you have to fly to Florida), there are no time-zone adjustments (well, maybe a couple of hours depending on where in the U.S. you are coming from), and the atmosphere, weather and climate are much friendlier.
Where is this Holy Land? Continue reading


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