Sharing a Grandparent’s Legacy

Elizabeth Yalian

image I received the sweetest gift from my daughter. It is a journal called: Grandma, Tell Me Your Story, with 124 prompting questions . The beautiful keepsake is for me to fill out and someday give to my grandson. The journal pages are striped with pink lines to write on. It is filled with thought provoking quotes and images, and has designated spots for pictures: like your first house, your first pet, the teen you, etc.

This precious family heirloom is packed with typical family history questions, and asks about family holidays and recipes. But I was surprised by the more in depth questions like:

Who named you, and how was your name chosen?

What kind of child were you?

What was your neighborhood like?

Did you keep a diary?

Feel like divulging any family secrets? (I won’t tell)

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