I’m No Angel- Kylie Bisutti

Just like every little boy longs to be a worrier and rescue the maiden in distress, every little girl longs to be a beautiful princes. For women and young girls, this innate desire traps us into believing we HAVE to be sexy, we HAVE to be physically desirable in order to be wanted and loved. This excellent post by booklovers1, is a book review on a book written by a former Victoria’s Secret model.


RATING: 5 Stars

When I first saw Kylie Bisutti’s biography I’m No Angel I got excited about having the opportunity to read how God changed her life and the inspiration and encouragement she was going to deliver. I also knew that I was going to find out about the modelling world, but what I read really opened my eyes. Beauty really is pain.

I can’t remember how many times I have envied the models I see in magazines. They just all look so pretty that I wanted to be like them. Not in the serious way, just imaginary. But after reading Kylie’s journey and how she made it all the way to Victoria’s Secret, I’m not so sure now. My take on modelling has completely changed. Once a model, your body no longer belongs to yourself, but to the agency you have signed up with. The lack of privacy and…

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