The Tattooed Homeless Man

Sometimes the little voice inside of us telling us to do something really is God! This is an amazing story! Thank you God for those who are willing to take a chance.


He was scary. He sat on the grass with… his cardboard sign, his dog (actually his dog was adorable) and tattoos running up and down both arms and even on his neck. His sign proclaimed him to be “stuck and hungry” and to please help.

I’m a sucker for anyone needing help. My husband both loves and hates this quality in me. It often makes him nervous, and I knew if he saw me right now, he’d be nervous. But he wasn’t with me right now.Homeless

I pulled the van over and in my rear-view mirror, contemplated this man, tattoos and all. He was youngish, maybe forty. He wore one of those bandannas tied over his head, biker/pirate style. Anyone could see he was dirty and had a scraggly beard. But if you looked closer, you could see that he had neatly tucked in the black T-shirt, and his things…

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3 responses to “The Tattooed Homeless Man

  1. I love this story. It brings tears to my face each time I read it. Sometimes it takes courage to step over that imaginary line in our minds and many times God is nudging us to do so. Thanks for posting this along with your precious words. Take care! – Amy 🙂

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