Elizabeth Yalian INTERVIEW ~ Black Coat With A Silver Lining ~

Thank you so much booklovers1! I genuinely appreciate all the time and energy you have put into this week-long blog book tour. You are an amazing lady with a loving and generous spirit, and you have a pure heart for Jesus; something anyone can clearly experience when they visit your blog.


Now that you have all  read about Elizabeth’s book “Black Coat With A Silver Lining”, entered the giveaway (INTERNATIONAL) and had a look at the Scavenger Hunt, I think it’s about time that you learn and get to know Elizabeth, the author behind the inspirational book!!

~ Bio ~ Elizabeth Yalian
As a teenager, Elizabeth was overjoyed when she received a typewriter for Christmas, and conveyed her passion for words in the form of poems and short stories. As a mom, she loved telling her three young children tales of monarchs and princesses, palaces and fortresses, and ogres and villains.
Born on the tropical island of Cuba, Elizabeth came to the United States with her family at the age of ten as a political refugee. Her life experiences, with their distinctive challenges, saturate her words with depth. Most of the stories she writes on her blog, she has…

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