Obsession with Profanity

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Every once in a while there is a movie with an excellent plot line that in my opinion is so completely ruined by the continued use of profanity that I walk away from it a few minutes later shaking my head. Do film producers really feel their movies are not good enough without profanity?

I get that when a person hits their thumb with a hammer, or trips over a rock, or is about to get in a car accident, or some other maddening thing happens, that person naturally and subconsciously shouts out something, and for most it’s usually a word of profanity, or two, or a string or them.  It’s happened to me; however, the words I have shouted at such a time sound kindergarten-innocent compared to some of the words I have heard people shout.  Not that I’m condoning profanity then, but I am saying I understand why people shout such things at such times.

I have to say that conversations laced in profanity sound so ridiculously boring to me that I immediately lose interest in what the person is saying altogether and lose respect for the speaker.

With all the creative words in our language, all the interesting adjectives and metaphors out there, why the constant string of profanity, using the same three or four words over and over as part of everyday conversation?

What does it do for the person saying them? Or how about people who use five or six curse words in their one paragraph’s worth of conversation?

What’s that all about?

I know some people think it makes them sound cool, for some it’s an attention grabber, for others it’s fitting in with the crowd, for me, and this is my opinion, when I hear that kind of talk out of someone it represents a person’s verbal laziness, ignorance, imaginative limitations, and lack of respect for the recipient.

Another thing I don’t get is people using Jesus Christ’s name as profanity. Or “God **** it!”, or “Oh my ***!” making the reference of God a common word. By the way, I have heard people talking about their own personal Christianity and in the same half hour conversation use the name Jesus or Christ as profanity.  I don’t hear other god’s names being used in such a way.  For instance, how many times have you heard an angry person say something like, “Oh Buddha!”, when they hit their funny bone or smash their thumbs?  If your like me, probably never.

Please note:  I am not attempting to offend Buddha, or Buddhists in any way whatsoever, just stating a point, so let’s not even go there, thank you. It is not my desire ever to offend another’s religion or right to believe as they wish. It is their God given right and I wholeheartedly respect it.

And then there’s that religion that goes postal if anyone dare say anything slightly off about their god.

So what’s the thing with Jesus Christ’s name and why do we condone it?  Is it another one of Satan’s attempts at disrespecting Almighty God?  Is it simply freedom of speech, which by the way I totally appreciate that freedom, and know good men gave and still give their lives for it.

I am NOT by any means encouraging hatred, violence, and the likes for anyone using God’s name in such a way at all, so let’s not go there either.

Just decades ago that name, the name of God’s son, the name of God, was revered by most of the civilized world.  That world has so slipped off its axis.

Really, why the obsession with profanity?

By ~ Elizabeth Yalian 2013-2015 ©http://hiseyeisonthissparrow.com.

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