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The Holy Spirit Is To Our Souls What Invisalign Is To Our Teeth

I used to have naturally, perfectly aligned teeth.  More than one dentist I visited assumed I once wore braces.  I never did. Within the past seven years or so however, one particularly stubborn tooth has decided to break rank and go out on its own.  It is the tooth next to my right, top front tooth.

One of my lower, back molars had to be pulled after it cracked in a car accident when I was 18 years old. The dentist suggested I never have the wisdom tooth directly behind it pulled in order for it to partner with the molar directly above it.

“The wisdom tooth will slowly move into the spot of the absent molar. If you don’t keep that wisdom tooth, you will eventually lose the molar above it as the two molars biting down against each other help keep each other in place.”  He said. Continue reading


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