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Beauty in the Eye of the Photoshopper

As women, we are bombarded with beauty and perfection at every turn and every time we look at a magazine or a billboard.  We are being deceived.

Young girls feel tortured and condemned every time they look at themselves in the mirror. No matter how naturally beautiful a woman is, she cannot ever compare to the artificial beauty we see in those pictures, and often feel something is wrong with us.
Even worse, men are also deceived. Many men of all ages compare their girlfriend’s and wives to the unrealistic  pictures they see and feel they have somehow been cheated.
If you are a woman of any age, understand that the beauty that God offers us is genuinely much more than skin deep, but heart and soul-deep. Let’s help your daughters and sisters to see that. Please share this.
I grew up in a home where a person’s looks was highly elevated, so I know this type of pain well.
Article and photo from Yahoo! Shine


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