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A Surprise Inside The Sparrow

Inspired by scriptures about the sparrow and the lyrics to the song, His Eye Is on the Sparrow, I chose my blog’s name, His Eye Is On This Sparrow.  I then wanted an image to represent this name and theme.

After much thought, I came up with an eye to represent God’s eye, then drew a sparrow

His Eye Is On This Sparrow

His Eye Is On This Sparrow

reflected in the eye.  I used coloring pencils to fill in the colors.  I have looked at this image at least 50 times, and only saw the lowly, common sparrow.  Yesterday, a blogger friend surprised me with a comment.  George made a comment on the post God’s Hand Is Mightier Than A Falling Tree, about a tree that fell on my car years ago. Then, she pointed out something I never noticed about the image I drew and chose as my avatar. You can see the conversation below. Continue reading


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