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Why, Oh Why All The Suffering?

I banged on the locked door screaming in horror, begging my mom to let me back in.  My grandmother pleaded with her to open it. The neighborhood kids laughed and shrieked,

”Look! She’s naked!”

I tried to hide behind my grandmother.  My mom opened the door, but blocked the entrance.

“Oh, no, you stand out where everyone could see you.”  I rarely disobeyed her, this time I didn’t move.

“Don’t you dare hide.  Stand out here or I will give you an even bigger beating!”

“She is just a child.  Don’t do this.  Let her back in the house,” my grandmother interceded.

“No!  She needs to feel the shame I felt today when that black b***h humiliated me!  How does it feel to be ashamed?  Maybe you won’t embarrass me anymore!” Continue reading


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Disoriented Turkey

Lost Turkey

Lost Turkey

Last night my husband and I had just sat down to eat, when our dogs ran to the front door and furoiciously barked at the intruder they saw through the glass door, standing on our front porch.  It was a turkey.  A white turkey at that.  I didn’t even know they came in white.  The ones I have seen are of mottled colors of browns, greys and black.  By the time I got my camera, the turkey had moved to the front yard.  We live in the country so we often see moose, deer, and flocks of turkeys. Continue reading


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