God Doesn’t Only Watch Over Sparrows

Oliver and Sofi

Oliver and Sofi

It was such a beautiful day, I decided to take my two very small dogs, Sofi and Oliver, with me to the grocery store. This is the same Sofi from another post titled, Anxious Yorkie-Poo’s Sleep Restored. Both dogs loved getting windblown as they stuck their heads out the open window.

The monthly Bunco party was at my house that Friday. I planned a quick trip to the grocery store to buy some bags of marked down Easter candy for the party. The parking lot was packed. I circled several times looking for a spot and finally found one. As I was pulling into the spot, I noticed Oliver staring at me very intently in a very odd sort of way.

His odd stare alerted me to the fact that Sofi wasn’t on the front seat with him. I parked the car. “Sooofiii,” I called, expecting her to jump into the front of the car from the back seat. Nothing. I called her again. Nothing. That is when my heart skipped a beat. Sofi was not in the car at all because she jumped out the window while I looked for a parking spot!

Panic struck me. I quickly got out of the car, preparing myself for the horrible squealing sound of an animal in pain or fearing I might see a bloody furry mess somewhere. I said quick prayers and looked all around me not knowing where to start.

Then I saw her. About 200 feet from me, Sofi, ran aimlessly in the parking lot, near the front of the store. I froze not quite sure what to do. She was so small, she would be easy for drivers to miss. There were several moving cars between Sofi and me. If I called her, she might jolt out and get hit.

I continued walking towards her and praying, then saw my opportunity when a woman began to softly talk to the visibly shaken little dog, trying to get her off the parking lot. Just then, I rushed closer to Sofi and called her. She ran to me. I picked her up. I couldn’t believe I held her safely in my arms!

“The thing is, I don’t even know when she jumped out. I was so busy looking for a space and there were cars everywhere, but I know she had to have been running around that lot for at least a couple of minutes seeing where I found her and where I parked.” I recounted the story to my husband on the phone.

“Well, I think she might be part cat. She just used up one of her nine lives.” He said.

I don’t know about nine lives, but I do know the chances of Sofi not getting hit were pretty slim. It seems God doesn’t only watch over sparrows. I thanked God for miraculously sparing Sofi and me, what could have been a very ugly day!

By ~ Elizabeth Yalian  ©2013


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2 responses to “God Doesn’t Only Watch Over Sparrows

  1. Oh, they look adorable! Glad Sofi is ok!

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