Celestial Comfort For The Broken Hearted

Though I can honestly say I rarely run out of a topics to write about, I was not sure what to write about today. I looked at my list and this story stood out.

As I have mentioned before, my life has bounced from one tragedy to another since childhood, to the point at times all I had left to hang on to has been my faith in the living God.  And that, by the skin of my teeth.

What I am about to share is an odd story, perhaps some will even doubt my sanity, but as God is my witness, it is as real as I am sitting before my keyboard today.

After all, isn’t our God the God of the impossible, the unexplainable?

Some would call what I saw a vision, I call it a gift.

About a month ago, I lay in bed completely awake only thinking about how comfy I was and how much I wanted to go back to sleep, but knew I couldn’t. It was morning and time to get up. I could hear my husband puttering around in the kitchen.

My eyes are sensitive to light even with my eyes closed. I have never had blackout curtains, my alternative has always been to place a dark sock over my eyes when the morning sunlight floods through the curtains, which to the amusement of my family works perfectly for me as it blocks out any light.

So there I lay with my sock over my eyes as usual, talking myself into getting out of bed.

Suddenly, I saw a white circle forming.  I could see this circle even with my sock-covered, closed eyes.

I stared in amazement and watched as the circle grew until it filled my eyesight. I realized the white I was seeing was a bright sky.  Then the figure of a person, tiny at first but continually growing, as it came out of the sky and appeared in front of me. At first I thought it was a woman with shoulder length hair and a long robe-like dress. I could not make out any facial features on this person as the face was initially blurred.

The woman I thought I saw, turned out to be a man I quickly recognized as Jesus. There was a commotion on the floor or ground in front of where He stood, but I could not see anything but Jesus from the waist up, with the sky in the background. By His quick movements, it was apparent there was an urgent matter He was taking care of.

I saw Him bend down and move quickly as if he was attending to something on the ground. I couldn’t see what the commotion was, but sensed it was something big.

This whole scene played out in black and white, like one of those old fashioned, fast paced flickering movies. I then saw Jesus lift up a person from the ground, whose body was completely limp. Jesus lifted the person, till the person’s  head was on His shoulder, much like a parent picks up a sleeping child to carry them somewhere.

The person’s face was closest to my line-of-vision.  As I looked at his face; the features became more and more clear. It was my son, Jonathan, I was looking at!

His face held the look of distress and confusion.  Jesus comforted him with a long embrace.

Just as I realized it was my son Jesus held tightly, they were both lifted up, Jesus still holding Jonathan in an embrace, then vanished into the sky, until all I could see was a tiny dot, as one sees when a helium balloon floats up into the sky till it is out of sight. Everything went dark again.

I lay in bed trying to make sense of what I had just seen. I knew it was not a dream. I have had plenty of those. I knew I had been completely awake through the entire scene. I didn’t understand what I had just experienced, other than I knew I had witnessed Jesus taking my 27 year old, Christ-following son to Heaven after his fatal motorcycle accident on September 24, 2011. The medical report said Jonathan lay on the road, while the paramedics tried to assist him. Those around him helped him to sit up. Then suddenly he fell back and died.

I believe God wanted me to know that at that very moment, when Jonathan was struggling for his life on that road, Jesus was right there comforting him, loving him, encouraging him, and embracing him.  Then, at the very moment his body fell back on that road, his spirit was released and carried into Heaven by none other than Jesus Himself; and that is what the scene God had me witness was about.

God has blessed me and comforted me in unusual ways since my son’s death. I felt led to share this one because there may be someone who needs to read this. I can’t tell you why or how it was that I saw what I saw that morning with my sock covered eyes.

I can only tell you that God comforted a broken-hearted mother by showing her how He comforted her son at that very moment of death, the very moment we all fear.

Psalm 34:3 Come glorify the LORD with me; let us exalt His name together.

Psalm 116:1-7 I love the Lord, because He has heard my voice and my pleas for mercy. Because He inclined His ear to me, therefore I will call on Him as long as I live. The snares of death encompassed me; the pangs of Sheol laid hold on me; I suffered distress and anguish. Then I called on the name of the Lord: “O Lord, I pray, deliver my soul!” Gracious is the Lord, and righteous; our God is merciful. The Lord preserves the simple; when I was brought low, He saved me. Return, O my soul, to your rest; for the Lord has dealt bountifully with you.

By ~ Elizabeth Yalian 2013 ©http://hiseyeisonthissparrow.com.


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25 responses to “Celestial Comfort For The Broken Hearted

  1. Yep, that’s how He speaks to me about past trauma. Once Jesus shows up, everything’s all right! I’m so glad He gifted you with that vision! Isn’t our Jesus absolutely wonderful??


  2. Hi Elizabeth. What a lovely story! I believe it and it has shed light on how lovingly the Lord Jesus must have received my mom into His celestial abode. Thank you!

  3. What a beautiful vision, and what a comfort to know that your son is with the Lord! God-given visions are real (Job 33: 14-16). They occur throughout the Bible. I have had several visions also, but nothing as dramatic as yours. God is so good! I want to share this with my sister who lost her son a year ago. Blessings to you!

    • Please do! I pray peace and comfort for her in the name of Jesus. Amen. According to all the experts, losing a child is the most painful of all losses. It tears a chunk right out of a parent’s soul.

  4. I’m not a Christian, but I do believe completely in a loving God. Your beautiful post brought tears to my eyes.

  5. Elizabeth!

    I connected with everything you said immediately. Took me back to a VERY similar experience I had when I was a teenager, unwell and laying in my bed reading a book when suddenly a bright light (dazzling so bright) hard to look into penetrated my room, followed by a hand out of the light that touched my stomach–terrified me to death, thought I was dying. Found out the next day my friends had stayed up all night outside my dorm room praying for my healing. Jesus had touched me. He had healed me, COMPLETELY! There was NOT even an ounce of doubt in me as I read your story. I knew instantly that Jesus had “visited you” with a vision that would bring you peace and closure! I hope your aching heart is aching less!

    What a wonderful Savior!! He cares. He really does.

    God Bless You,

    • Wow, Marlene, what prayer warrior friends you had back then! What great testimony of what faith and prayer can do! I bet that experience greatly increased your faith also! A hand coming towards me would have really freaked me out also. Thank God you were healed and what a testimony!
      As I mentioned to you before, the death of my son was traumatic enough, but then the issues I had to deal afterwards because of my ex and daughter just robbed much of my inner strength. I feel so humbly blessed that God would care about my heart in such a way.
      This and another experience a few months after my son’s death have deeply strengthened my faith in God and have given me a deeper love for Him as I realize not only how real He is, but how real His love is for us that He would care so much to comfort us when we are deeply hurting.
      Blessings to you! Elizabeth

      • AMEN Elizabeth! SO true. That experience greatly increased my trust in God and became a defining moment (forever). When I have a really rough season–I often remember that night–it reminds me that this thing is not a bluff! God is real.

        I cannot even begin to imagine what heartache you had to endure while grieving on account of your ex & your own daughter. Reading that is hard enough. I am not suprised, the LORD Himself stepped in to strengthen your feeble heart.

        I do really pray that GOD will graciously redeem all that you lost back then Elizabet. I pray that God will vindicate you, and restore all the years the locusts have eaten. May those relationships be washed by His blood so that your peace may be unbroken and your joy be made full.

        With God’s Love & Prayers,

        • Marlene, Your words, “That experience greatly increased my trust in God and became a defining moment (forever). When I have a really rough season–I often remember that night–it reminds me that this thing is not a bluff! God is real.” I completely echo that !!! That “gift” that morning, along with another one I cannot bring myself to write about yet, has done the very same thing for me.
          Any moment, I have the slightest of doubts about God, I am immediately brought back to those experiences and I say the same thing. All that scripture says is true and God is Who He says He is!
          Thank you so much! ” I pray that God will … restore all the years the locusts have eaten.” I have always loved that verse. God doesn’t just want to redeem our souls, he wants to restore our hearts! Blessings to you!

  6. Elizabeth, Thank-you for sharing this act of Jesus He let you witness and thank-you for the link back to my testimony on Men of One Accord! I believe what you saw is what really happen when your son went home to heaven that day. I am having a bit of trouble with getting my words out today so before I mess up much more I will part for with this: I pray that each day as you awake you see the face of Jesus as He encourages you to walk along with Him. I pray you feel His loving embrace as arise to greet with Him with praise and worship. May your days be filled with blessings as each breath you take brings glory to Our Messiah. Now the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you, Amen. James

    • James, what beautiful soul stirring words and prayer. May the thoughtulness of your prayer come back to bless you a hundredfold and glorify our Creator. Many blessings to you in the name of Jesus! Elizabeth

  7. Simply beautiful. And simply like our beautiful Jesus.

    • Yes. Somewhere I once saw a picture of a patient in an operating room in the midst of surgery. Right there along with the doctors’ hands, the artist painted the hand of Jesus on the patient. After that morning, I couldn’t help but think this is how it really is all the time when believers are in surgery or other critical situations of their lives.

  8. findingmyinnercourage

    Broken hearted I was feeling today until I received wonderful advice from His Eye Is On This Sparrow – she knew exactly what I needed! Blessings my friend! And Thank You!

  9. I am glad you received that comfort = Jesus does care about us and that is a great vision.

  10. God must be up to something, I just started writing abiut visions of angels and miracles in my life

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