Senior Creativity

This is what OLDER people do during the day with their spare time!

imageRepurpose Old Barrels Into a Drum Set

(Your neighbors will love you!)

imageRepurpose a Card Catalogue Into a Mini Bar (0r jewelry box or small collection keeper, you can even lock your precious collections in.)

imageUse Old Books as Shelves (Great for an office.)

imageTurn an Old Bike Into a Bathroom Counter (Super Cool!)

imageTurn an Old Door Frame Into a Coffee Table

imageTransform a Chair into a Towel Rack and Shelf

imageTurn An Old Bathtub Into a Love Seat (This would be great as lawn furniture. It’s already water proof, just get outdoor cushions)

imageUse Your Old Computer Tower as a Mail Box  (I bet the mail carrier can’t help but chuckle every time he places mail in this one!)


Repurpose an Old Suitcase Into a Medicine Cabinet (Cute, if you have the keys, you can lock snoopy houseguests out.  LOL)

imageUse Old Books to Create a Desk 

(Wow! I wonder how many books that took?)

imageTurn Old Credit Cards Into Guitar Picks ( Play your way out of debt!)

imageCreate a Window Cover Using Old Picture Slides. (Very cool)

imageTurn Old Suitcases Into Side Tables

imageTurn Old Wrenches Into Wall Hooks (I see this in a mechanic’s shop)

imageUp-cycle Old Mugs, Bottles and Bowls Into Light Fixtures

(The bottle lights are gorgeous!)

imageUse Old Picture Frame Corners Like Tiles (One of my favorites)

imageUse a Pipe with Valves as a Coat Rack  (I can see this in a plumber’s house!)

The bicycle in the bathroom, the book barrier, the chair hanger   and some of the other coat racks are brilliant. Who says that old people still can’t contribute?

I love art and beauty so I couldn’t pass this one up. I received this as an email that had been passed on and on so I cannot give credit to the original creator. It also had other pictures of common sense items like reusing CD containers and tubes of toilet paper as storage containers and the such, but I was especially impressed with the new twist on these beautiful keepsakes of yesteryear and cut the others out. (I made the comments in italics) Feel free to pass this on.



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4 responses to “Senior Creativity

  1. Have you ever tried picking out one thing you really liked? e.g. a simple and relatively inexpensive one on this post would be the third one, the “book”, book shelf. That would only require a few brackets and some screws and wall anchors, which are fairly easy to put in, besides the books. If I was going to do this one, I would go to thrift stores or yard sales and pick out inexpensive older books with exceptionally pretty, hard covers similar to the ones in the picture. Any hardware store like Home Depot or Lowe’s or maybe eve Walmart would have the anchors, screws and brackets. Then with the help of a screw gun or screwdriver, hammer, a level, (and maybe hubby), the project wouldn’t be so hard. 🙂 I did a search on the “Pickmaster” and Amazon had a similar product, a “Pick Punch” for 29.99. I just looked at that one. You may be able to find it even cheaper.

  2. If these are things OLDER people do, I can’t wait to get older!

    • I don’t know how much older, older has to be since many of these projects look like they took a lot of effort. Especially that ceiling and the book desk. One item at a time, I suppose. LOL Pretty amazing stuff. 🙂 .

      • I’ve always liked the reuse/repurpose concept, but I’m just not creative and artistic enough to execute it. My husband does the old credit card/guitar pick thing, but he just uses really sharp scissors. That guitar pick puncher looks nifty … is that real? It would make a cool gift for him.

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