renovation (7.31am)

Great analogy!

planted oak

god reveals blueprint for new and we are eager for this change. for the free to live this life out different. for whole.

he promises restore.

then sledgehammer hits drywall and glass shatters and it is hard to remember there is good coming from it.


what we stood on is torn up and the shift to different brings sometimes even false regret at journey started.

even reduced to less than before with power out briefly. plastic draped over the roughest edges, and dust cloth cover leaving  already in use—-out of reach for a season of discomfort.


but for glimpse of hope?

we return again and again to blue printed future. unrolling. coffee cup weighing down corners. hands smoothing over his grace-filled plans so that we can see finished up ahead, not rubble at our feet.

we push and pull to curbside what we know is not knowing truth. …

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