The Butterfly Effect – Promote Yourself

I love this poem!


I was a gorging caterpillar Consuming everything I could;

It was my nature, I knew no better, To me, it just seemed so good.

Then shame struck me and in searing pain I cocooned myself away from sight;

And in that shell You dealt with me ‘Til I was ready to return to the light.

Now I’m reborn a beloved butterfly Crafted with detail and engaging flair,

Painted with love by Your master hand, Molded with Masterly care.

As I flap my wings Who knows what effect You will impart through me?

Creating simple ripples, Affecting complex lives, Of people I may never see.

All glory to You, Whose perfect plan Finds a way to use unworthy me!

What an amazing God, Loving Father and guide,

Who heard my voiceless plaintive plea.

by @faithunlocked

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