Black Coat with a Silver Lining is Out!

The book is finally out!!! Praise God, what a job it is to write a book!

Elizabeth Yalian

Black Coat with a Silver Lining Just click on the book and it will link you to CreateSpace Store.

Okay, everybody. The book is available, finally!  I am totally nervous and super excited all at once.

As promised, here is the first chapter to Black Coat with a Silver Lining.  Enjoy!!!

Chapter 1


Crossing the Line


I hopedthe kitchen staff was intensely preoccupied, and would not see me sneak in their back door. Not believing my rotten luck, I scurried to make it in before my evening turned even more disastrous.

After two days of half-eaten candy bars and countless bags of potato chip crumbs, I had been looking forward to Memories of Sicily’s exquisite Italian food. In my ravenous state, I fantasized about the pasta primavera, the linguini, the lasagna, and the irresistibly crunchy-creamy sweetness of the cannoli.

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2 responses to “Black Coat with a Silver Lining is Out!

  1. Congratulations, Elizabeth! What an accomplishment. May your book find a home in many hearts and bring healing and hope to all who read it!

    Love you!

    • Thank you! I hope to raise awareness of homelessness and foster care children that age out of the system. I can’t believe what an ordeal it is to write a book!!!
      Much love to you. My husband is dying to visit Oregon again!

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