Anyone Else Have This Happen?

This is most  definitely me!! anyone else?

Yes, yes, yes! Someone finally understands!


I have done this more times than I can remember.  I stash something so securely that when it comes time for me to use it, I can’t find it and have to go out and buy another one, only to find the stashed item way later when I have no need for it!  This has happened to me with Christmas and birthday gifts, with a special something I am saving for later, and with tools.  Yes, you read right.  Tools. My husband and I have our own set of tools because he doesn’t always put them away after he uses them and it drives me nuts to have to waste time in an unfruitful tool search.  So I hide my tools somewhere he won’t find them and then when I need them I cannot find them either!

Just gotta laugh!

I think from now on I will have to jot a note somewhere as a reminder where I put the prized item, but the way things go with me, I will forget where I jotted that down also.

Anyone else have this happen?

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2 responses to “Anyone Else Have This Happen?

  1. Oh, yes! My kids beg me not to take things (when I need to discipline them). They are afraid I’ll forget where I put it, and they’ll never get it back. I remind them that never is a long time…and someday we’ll stumble across it again. *grin*

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