A Word of Appreciation to God

imageDear God,

Thank You for the stunning world You have given us to live in.

There are countless delightful colors and sounds everywhere we turn.

Your imagination exceeds that of any artist or sculptor,

yet You placed a portion of Yourself in us.

When you sculptured us out of mere dust,

You tenderly made us to reflect Your image.

Our senses came alive by the breath of Your mouth.

Help us to appreciate Your astounding wisdom.

You made us to dwell in this splendor,

and we are meant to care for it and admire it,

but mostly to love and worship You.

Your limitless knowledge and inventiveness give us a hint

at Your awe-inspiring imagination.

Help us to treasure the depth of love and benevolence You have shown us.

Continue to delight our hearts with the fullness of Your love and joy.

We are tremendously blessed that You choose to pursue us,

and to offer us an opportunity to become Your children saved by grace.

Saved by only Your grace.

It is beyond our understanding that the God of all creation

willingly calls Himself, our Father.

I continue to live in awe of you amazing grace.

I will forever remain humbled and honored,

As I am one of your children, a sinner cleansed by Your grace.


Image from Facebook.

By ~ Elizabeth Yalian 2013-2014 ©http://hiseyeisonthissparrow.com.


Filed under Awed by His Love and Grace, Following Christ Has Changed My Life, Hope, Living for Jesus

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