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But, I’m Just A Baby!

Just A BabyOnce a month I worked in my church nursery. This particular day
we had a full nursery. The children’s ages ranged from infant to three years old.
Tiffani, a three year old, was an adorable little girl with a pixie kind of face. She was
normally very well behaved, but this Sunday she had a very hard time keeping
her hands to herself. She’d walk up to a child and swipe a toy right out of
their hands and run off or push another child and make off with their toy.
When I corrected her and asked her why she was behaving that way she’d say,
“But, I’m just a baby!” I was perplexed by her comments. I told her if she
continued to not play nicely she would have to stand in the corner, the usual
nursery discipline for this age.

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