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Sometimes, We Just Need a Real Perspective

My friend Vern Westgate sent this email out just before Christmas.  I found the pictures to be a fabulous glimpse of America’s not too distant past during the hardship of The Depression Era.  Really worth seeing.  It will open your eyes to how blessed we really are.

I thought Vern had a great idea in sharing this, and with his permission (thanks Vern), I am passing it on hoping you will get as much out of Vern’s perspective and the amazing pictures as I did.

America really does have an immense amount to be greatful for.

Thank You God!


Hi, Here’s my perspective for you having a Merry Christmas in spite of the current state of our country…and the attacks against my Christian faith…(and your Christian faith too, I hope…)

These stark pictures are from the Depression. They were taken 72 years ago, when I was a 7 year old kid in a great Christian family…We moved from Minnesota to California a few months ahead of Pearl Harbor. So we went from the tough Depression life to rationing…(5 gallons of gas per week, sugar and meat were rationed as were other things), no new cars were built for 4, 5 years…millions of men went to war and most stayed until it was over. My dad built B-25s and P-51s… Continue reading


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