Writing Fictional Characters

My non-writing friends may think I have gone nuts, but I’m sure my writing friends will be able to relate.
Hello friends, I have set up a new blog only for books I am writing/have written. Be blessed, Elizabeth

Elizabeth Yalian

Call me crazy if you want,

       but what can I say,

I am a writer at heart.  emy

Black Coat with a Silver Lining


Creating Nick, the main character of Black Coat with a Silver Lining has been touching, rewarding, entertaining, educational, and enlightening.
I wrote about compassion, love, humanity, struggles, betrayal, family, abandonment, heartache, poverty, hunger, self-bashing, foster care, faith, God, grace, forgiveness, everlasting peace, and the carnage caused by self-centeredness and divorce; and I learned about homelessness, missions, getting arrested, and going to jail. Overall, I wrote about the consequences one person suffers because of someone else’s decisions and choices.
Just like when we read a fictional novel and we can visualize characters in our head and feel their feelings, I can see and feel my characters.  I know them so well, I find myself seeing certain people when I’m out and about and thinking, that’s how…

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